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Holiday areas / Ahrntal Valley / Sand in Taufers

Holidays in Sand in Taufers, Mühlen, Kematen, Rein in Taufers - Tauferer/Ahrntal Valley

Sand in Taufers. This main place has to offer so much that one holiday is certainly not enough. To live the days actively and to let the evenings finish idyllically. There is a lot of pleasure ready for the whole family. Theme-weeks lead through the year and to the delightful discoveries which have made us famous: street kitchen, White Weeks, single and family weeks, Christmas of Taufers, snow feast and music in all the variants and to all opportunities. Take some sportive challenges in a legendary natural scenery. Where do you want to start with?

Mühlen. Walking through woods to lakes and over alpine pastures. *Here at our gentle plateau you will get relaxing walks and offers for leisure for the whole family. Anyone who looks for challenge will get also that. As start and finish of day tours and discoveries there are well-marked ways which lead up to the high-lying valleys and from there to reservoirs, mountain farms and the firn tops of the Zillertaler Alps. We look forward to you!

Kematen. To actively live the days and to cosily enjoy the evenings. *Heart, what do you wish more? You have got pleasant paths, which lead to waterfalls through rich meads at roaring brooks…pure romance and still an active life. Sports, relaxation and cared hospitality for a completely happy holiday!

Having holidays in the native village of the world-famous extreme mountaineer Hans Kammerlander. Marvellously located in the sun with a magnificent panorama view and ideal starting point for dreamlike hikes and mountain tours. Not only mountain enthusiasts feel completely good in Ahornach...

Rein in Taufers. So close to heaven. *Already packed? The sun shines, the mountains tempt and we look forward! One of the longest cross-country ski runs and skiing in a snow-safe location are the dream of any winter sportsman here. During summertime nature enraptures with luxuriant green and cosy places. Remote paths lead to romantic farms and competent hospitality or far off in the mountains someone to himself.