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Dolomites / Kronplatz  / Antermoia

Discover St. Martin - Antermoia - Kampill - Gadertal

St. Martin in Thurn (1.127 m), Untermoia (1.515 m) and Campill (1.396 m), three adorable villages in the wonderful valleys of Gadertal, surrounded by the sallow mountains of the Dolomites, are waiting for you.

The village St. Martin is vaunts to have a deeply rooted old-established handcraft and hosts the Rhaeto-Romanic cultural institute „Micurà de Rü" und the Rhaeto-Romanic Landesmuseum „Ciastel de Tor".

Enthousiastic hikers can visit the nature park Puez/Geisler, which is excellent for walking-tours for the summer as the winter-time.

Kampill is known as a traditional mountain village surrounded by pure nature. The rural settlement structure, the 'Weiler' are a sign of a centenary tradition. The Mülental appear like a open-air museum and many little gems of the nature park Puez/Geisler makes your holiday an unforgettable expirience.

Antermoia is locatet on the bottom of the majestic Peiterkofels which offers in the winter-time plenty options to skiing and sledding.

And by the way: dream-roads and curves with no end. This region offers some of the best biker routes you can desire