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Dolomites / Kronplatz  / Antholz Valley Anterselva

Discover Antholz

Antholzer Valley branches off to the left of the interstate, about 10 km outside of Bruneck, the economic and cultural center in Puster Valley. Antholzer Valley is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled valleys in the South Tyrol and is still a promising place to go for nature lovers and those looking for relaxation. The villages of Niederrasen and Oberrasen are situated at the beginning of the valley. Traveling further into the valley, you go past the biotope and come to Antholz Niedertal (1,135 m/3,724 ft) and the central village, Antholz Mittertal (1,250 m/ 4,101 ft). Antholz Obertal (1,532 m/5,026 ft) is not a built-up area.

A few kilometers past Antholz Obertal, you come to the wonderfully situated lake, Antholzer See (1,640 m/5,381 ft), which is surrounded by the mighty Rieserferner Massif with its renowned Hochgall and Wildgall. A very windy road takes you to Defreggen Valley in the East Tyrol. Staller Sattel (2,050 m/6,726 ft) - the road is a one-way street - forms the state border. Further on you pass Lake Ober [Obersee] and come to the villages of St. Jakob, St. Veit, and Hopfgarten in Defreggen Valley.