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Dolomites / Kronplatz  / Vintl

Holidays at Vintl in Southtyrol

This village is characterised by agriculture and pretty farms.

In early centuries the lower part of Vandoies was owned by the prince bishops of Bressanone, while the upper part belonged to the town of Brunico. Still today the village is divided into two parts: besides Vandoies di Sotto and Vandoies di Sopra also the quarters Vallarga and Fundres belong to Vandoies.

Peace and recreation are guaranteed when hiking from farm to farm in Vallarga or to the local waterfall. Those looking for a bit more of action might embark on a mountain bike tour along the Val Pusteria cycling track towards Bressanone or until Lienz in near-by Austria. And on rainy days you might head to the Museum of Loden, a popular woollen fabric made right here in Val Pusteria…

We suggest: Pay a visit to the fountain of the old parish church, which is believed to boast curative properties, and hike to the local waterfall!