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Holidays at Obereggen - Deutschnofen - Welschnofen - Petersberg - South Tyrol

The far wavy high surface, at the foot of the Latemars and the Eggentaler mountains, is a forest area, which, from some deep valleys broken through, drops in the west steeply to the Etschtal. 

On this expanded highland the municipality spreads Deutschnofen. Far scattered the village communities Deuschnofen are appropriate, for Eggen with Obereggen, Birchabruck  and Rauth, as well as Petersberg with the place of pilgrimage Maria Weissenstein. The surface of the area amounts to 112 km², it lies to the majority between 1200 and 1500 meter, whereby the deepest point in the ravine of the harrow/selvedge valley (550 m) and the highest on the Latemar point (2800 m) are to be found.

In the spare time Deutschnofen and environment are ideal for wonderful mountain and panorama round migrations in the Latemar Rosegarten. Whether with the mountainbike or with the horse, you experience at all seasons a wonderful Flora and fauna. The Eggentalvalley is suitable also for the tennis or football plays in one of the three new sports centers, which lie in the midst of from forest and meadows.