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Dolomites / Rosengarten/Latemar  / Welschnofen

Discover Welschnofen

Nova Levante - Lake Carezza introduces itself.
Nova Levante was mentioned for the first time in 1140. Findings of tools at the boundaries of the forest, just below the Catinaccio indicate that hunters and gatherers came to this region during the cultural era, between the Neolithic period and the Bronze Age. Over the course of the centuries, shepherds from the Fassa Valley began to build huts on their summer pastures, which they used all year round. They also rooted out trees down towards the valley. With time, the shepherds built new dwellings, which were called "nova" or "neva" by their inhabitants (this means "new land"). As the people living in that area spoke Rhaetia-Roman and the newly arrived Bajuvarian settlers did not understand this language, the name of this location became "Welisch-Nove". "Welisch" means "the unknown language".

The Rosengarten/Catinaccio This Dolomite massif forms a backdrop to Bolzano's townscape; it is the site of King Laurin's mythical Rose Garden and glows crimson in the sunset. The chain of Dolomite peaks is west-facing and glows like embers as it reflects the sunset.

Nova Levante is member of the 'Alpine Pearls' - howe are exceptional holiday destinations in the Alps. Soft Mobility is the buzzword for all guests who combine leisure with a desire to preserve nature.