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Discover Lüsen

Abitants: 1475  Altitude: 972m
On the nord-western edge of the Dolomites, you will find the Lüsen's valley, a valley that has its roots in the near Bishop's city of Bressanone and ends on the Lüsner Alp.Lüsen can be proud to be one of the remaining unpolluted valley of the Alpine territory. Lüsen, where the valley ends and the fir woods begin. Far away from city's confusion and bustle. Our little town is placed at 972 m height, where people still appreciate the little surprises that nature keeps aside and where the life-style is particularly closed to the magic environment all around.

And in the middle of this little "island", near the local torrent "Lasanca", you will meet the beauty of the "Peitler Kofl", the king-mountain of the natural park“ Puez-Geisler”, within the dolomites. People here use to call it simply the "Peitler".Lüsen was found in 994 and takes more than 1000 year history and experience on its shoulders.