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Discover Vahrn, Neustift, Schalders, Spiluck - Eisacktal

Gateway to the South!
This was how an author described the Eisacktal in his travel notes, when, coming from the north, he encountered vineyards and chestnut groves for the first time. The Brixen valley, protected as it is from the north winds, has a mild, pleasant climate. It is probably also for this reason that the prince bishops of Brixen and the court nobles built their beautiful houses and fortress here many centuries ago. One of the most attractive mountain streams in the Tyrol flows out of the Schalderertal, the whole length of which is under environmental protection. This stream supplies the famous Kneipp Tretanlage (hydropathic paddling centre) with its pure water.

The area around the Vahrner See is idyllic, and the lake is a popular destination for visitors on account of the iodine in its waters. Visitors with an interest in art can have a look at the nearby Kloster Neustift and the former diocesan town of Brixen. Walkers wishing to relax in the peace of nature can walk along the stream to Schalders or Spiluck and enjoy the unique view of the Brixen valley and the Dolomites.