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Holiday areas / Gitschberg/Jochtal  / Mühlbach - Rio di Pusteria

Holidays at Mühlbach and Spinges

Mühlbach/Rio Pusteria, located at the entrance to the Pusteria Valley, has been a market site since 1269, as demonstrated by its ancient walls, its buildings and bourgeois houses.

Though it has always been situated along an important roadway, the town has changed significantly over the years. The real innovations are the underground tunnel and the by-pass built in 1995: Mühlbach/Rio Pusteria, no longer crossed by traffic, has rediscovered the peace and tranquillity of the past.

Where just a short time ago long queues cut the town in half, today there is a cosy and calm atmosphere.

Pedestrians stroll in the centre of town, go shopping or sip a delicious cappuccino at a sidewalk cafe. The only remnant of the past is its strategic position: the Brixen North toll booth is just 5 km away. From Mühlbach/Rio Pusteria you can reach the splendid Vals/Valles Valley in the blink of any eye, an area with old farms, charming hotels and a magnificent landscape. Numerous paths lead to mountain pastures where old stone farmsteads challenge the ravages of time and weather, amongst the enchanting glaciers of the Aurine Alps. The cable-way will take you from Rio Pusteria/Mühlbach to Meransen/Maranza in just a few minutes. Walks, mountain climbing and relaxation in complete peace and quiet: that's what a vacation at Mühlbach/Rio Pusteria, Vals/Valles and Spinges/Spinga has to offer!