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Discover Lana - Völlan

Inhabitants: 9.752  Altitude: 325

Lana is an idyllic little town surroundend by an ocean of vineyards and appletrees in the south of the Burggrafenamt. A good established gastronomy and a manyfold choice of accomodations are waiting for you. Palms and cypress anounce, that you are situated on a climatic advantagous spot. Along the year the nature offers a contrasty picture. When the spring covers the valley with floridity, the white snow flashes from the mountains in the light of the sun.

In the Autumn the full green of the grasslands changes in the yellow and red of the shining foliage. In the mountains the dark green firs begins to alternate with the golden shinning of the larchs. The cuisine of this reagion distinguish for his variety. The traditional South Tirolean kitchen and the Italian kitchen are a high-contrast composition of different treats. In a landscape between alpine and mediterrean you have a wide offer of sport activities: If you wanna be on bike, or on foot by nordic Walking an hiking tours, or on the tennis court, in the swimming pool or in the Golfclub Lana, which special attitude is the long gaming seasion.

If you like calm and relaxation you will find the right thing for you. Many hotels offers wellness programs like hay, nature and vapour baths, saune and a professional massage.