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Holidays in Merano

Thanks to its geographic location, Meran enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate. The town is protected by high mountains to the north, and varied Mediterranean and sub-tropical plants grow to the east. The enchanting promenade walks and the spacious park areas impress with cactuses and palm trees. Meran has been an internationally renowned spa town since the 19th century. In winter the temperatures hardly fall to 0 degrees, you enjoy a dry, and windless climate with comfortable weather conditions. In summer the spacious park areas are ideal for cooling down and enjoying the mild climate.

Meran has plenty to offer from a cultural point of view: a Mediterranean town centre with narrow lanes and gazebos, which are typical for this region. Meran offers many castles and churches, and a vast selection of museums.

The surroundings of Meran are ideal for cycling and hiking. Discover the area by foot or on a bicycle and enjoy breath-taking views. The Meran 2000 ski resort is ideal for skiers and snowboarders. The cable cars are also open in summer and bring you up to high altitudes for starting an enjoyable hike. Golfers can visit various golf courses in the surroundings, which are open from February to December. Also visit the Thermal Baths of Meran and the Botanic Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle.

Event Highlights
Classic Rally of vintage cars, the Summer Festival in the park of Kallmünz Castle, the Merano Jazz Festival with jazz concerts, jazz classes, and jazz workshops, the international Brass Festival, the Grand Prize of Meran in the hippodrome, the International WineFestival & Culinaria, Meran Grape Festival with different local music bands and parades, and finally the popular Christmas Market.