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Holidays at the Plateau of Ritten in South Tyrol

Rittner Bahn
Eisring Ritten

Holiday paradise on the sunny side of the Alps
is the name of the high alpine plateau above Bozen comprising a surface of 111 square kilometres and several small villages.

Oberbozen has approx. 600 inhabitants and is located at 1221 m above sea level. Oberbozen can be reached with the "Rittnerbahndl" suspended cable railway offering a splendid view of the valley basin.

Klobenstein is located at 1154 m above sea level and is a popular hiking paradise. You can hike to the pyramids and on to the Maria Saal pilgrimage church, to the ancient Bad Süss spa bath, or to Lichtenstern and on to Wolfsgruben and Wolfsgruben Lake.

Lengstein am Ritten has approx. 150 inhabitants and is located at 970 m above sea level. Starting from here you can visit the St. Verena Chapel, a cult place in ancient years. Enjoy a splendid round view of the Dolomites and the Schlern area and the opposite side of the valley.

Lengmoos am Ritten has approx. 200 inhabitants and is located at 1154 m above sea level. It was founded as a hospice for the Teutonic Order during the 13th century. Open-air theatres are organised every year between the end of July and the middle of August.

Unterinn am Ritten: inhabitants: 450, altitude:  909m
Oberinn am Ritten: inhabitants:  150, altitude: 1300m

For an active holiday visit the Rittnerhorn hiking area and ski resort with pull lifts and a cable car. This destination is worth a visit during all times of the year. A 35 km long and probably highest alpine cross-country track in Central Europe awaits you. The area is characterised by sun, quietness and a unique natural landscape with a total of 40 km of cross-country tracks for skating and classic cross-country skiing.

Ritten offers an Ice Rink with 400 m. Due to the altitude this ice-rink is often chosen by international ice-skating athletes. In the nearby ice stadium you can ice-skate while enjoying the music in the background.

The Pyramids in Ritten are the highest and most beautifully shaped pyramids in Europe. They reach heights of up to 30 metres.

Ritten suspended cable railway
This cable railway is listed as the longest cable railway in the Guinness Book of Records. The railway brings guests from Bozen to Oberbozen within a short time.

The railway
The so-called "Rittner Bahdnl" railway operates between Klobenstein and Oberbozen and is a comfortable means of transport and an attraction at the same time.