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Holiday areas / South Tyrol's South / St. Pauls/Eppan

Holidays at St. Pauls/Eppan

Eppan is located along the Wine Road only a few kilometres from Bozen and includes the harbours of St. Michael, Girlan, St. Pauls, Montiggl, Frangart, Unterrain, Missian, Perdonig and Gaid. In addition to the southern flair you can admire historic manors and bathing lakes like the Montiggler Lakes and Lake Kaltern.

Eppan is the largest wine growing area in South Tyrol and features enchanting wine villages and harbours for a romantic holidays in castles, hotels, farms, B&Bs or holiday apartments. With more than 100 castles and historic manors, the region of Eppan is believed to have the most castles in Europe.

Local wineries produce excellent wines, which can be tasted during a wine tasting in different wineries. Eppan is the main village along the South Tyrolean Wine Road stretching from Sigmundskron near Bozen to Girlan St. Michael/Eppan via Kaltern, Tramin, Kurtatsch, Kurtinig, Magreid to Salurn.

Events: Eppan Castle Ride at Pentecost, Wine Culture Weeks in St. Pauls, Cellar Festival in Girlan

Enjoy swimming at the large and small Montiggl Lakes located in a quiet forest area, which is ideal for cooling down during hot summer days. Here you can rent a rowing boat, try fishing, or cycling, jogging or walking in the area. In winter you can enjoy ice-skating and curling on the lakes.

St. Pauls is part of the Eppan community. The village is located along the South Tyrolean Wine Road and is surrounded by vineyards and orchards. The village impresses with the typical charm of a local wine village.
The historic village centre with the parish church is worth a visit. Cultural and social events like Wine Culture Weeks, traditional village festivals and a crib exhibition during Christmas time are organised on a regular basis.