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So South Tyrol cooks

South Tyrol is forsooth a country of the variety.
This stands out particularly in the gastronomic area.
Letting a variety of typical South Tyrolean delicacies, Italian and international cooking snap the gourmet's tongue. International specialities would like verkosten that one much earthy pithy dish of the traditional Tyrolean cooking, fish specialities, finest pizza of the wood-burning oven, or else one is alone incumbent your palate whether you.

You should certainly here only a small statement our menu try this one:


South Tyrolean bacon plate with horseradish (Meeretich)
Kaminwurze (smoked Wurtspezialität)
Carpaccio from the highland beef on salad bed & parmesan plane
Mozarella Caprese (soft cheese with fresh tomatoes)
Slightly warm calf's head with salad tops and onion marinade
Smoked trout fillet with Sahnemeeretich


Tyrolean dumpling soup (bacon, liver cheese or many other variants)
Barley soup with Tirtlen (traditional smallholder speciality)
Terlaner wine soup with sticks of cinnamon
Consommé Célestine
Tomato putting cream soup with herb croutons
Vinschgauer black bread soup
Sour soup
Consommé with milt croûtons


Pustertaler Schlutzkrapfen (dough turnovers with Topfen and spinach)
Nockentris (spinach cheese mushrooms)
Pappardelle with edible boleti
Tirtlan or Tschottekrapfen
Vollkornschlutzkrapfen home-made
Pressing dumpling on bacon cabbage
Spaghetti aglio-olio pepperoncino
Maccheroni according to a shepherd way
Maccheroni 4 cheese type
Spaghetti all Vongole
Turkish Käsecanelloni with tomato sauce
Spinach spaetzle into cream sauce
Piemonteser Nocken with tomato sauce
Spaghetti Al Pesto
Ravioli with Ziegentopfen stuffed and tomatoes
Tortelloni with meat fullness and sage butter
Cannelloni with broccoli on tomato sauce
Potato dough turnovers with spinach fullness and asparaguses
Risotto with radicchio and blue cheese

Egg dishes:

Shredded pancake with cranberries
Tyrolean plate (fried eggs with bacon and fried potatoes)
Cheese or cranberry omelet
Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and bacon
Omelet with prawns and courgette

Fish dishes:

Fresh mountain trout (blue, according to miller's style in the foil od. of the grill)
Zuppa di pesce (fish-soup)
Sole coats with breadcrumbs with boiled potatos
Pike-perch fillet on mountain lentils, Chardonayschaum
Poached trout fillet on barley risotto into rucula sauce
Stewed Oktapus on rosemary polenta
Monkfish medallions into tomato compote and Melanzanitortelloni

Main courses:

Polishing escalope
Pork medallions into black crust with fried potatoes
Bacon dumpling with goulash
Entrecotè of the grill with maître d'hôtel butter and chips
Sauerkraut with pork meats (smoking rectangle, house sausage Rippelen, cabbage, potato)
Onion roast with fried potatoes
Venison médaillons with cranberries and red cabbage
Schöpsernes (Rippelen of the sheep) with potatoes
Glazed Kalbsschulternahtl Weisskraut and mashed potatoes stewed
Cooked beef boiled fillet of beef into root liquid and Meeretich
Tyrolean Geröstl with bacon coleslaw


Of traditional Margherita, Calzone, Capricciosa up to the Tyrolean pizza, all of the fine and most from the wood-burning oven!


Buchteln with custard
Buckwheat cake with cream topping
Hot love (vanilla ice-cream with hot raspberries)
Dessert variation à la maison
Fresh apfelstrudel with custard
Tiramisù on Cappucinosauce
Two different chocolate mousse with nut ancestor
Marc Semifreddo fine garnished
Cream Caramel with glazed pears
Little apple cake with custard
Sweeten fritter or hare eye flax
Caramelized pears whirlpool on raspberry sauce
Assortment of fine cheese ways