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Ontdek Zuid Tirol

Vakantie a Hafling, Vöran en Meran 2000

Welcome to Hafling
Inwoners: 720  Hoogte: 1.290m

Over the basin of Meran you will find one of the most beautyful plateaus of South Tyrol. The sight of this wonderful panorama lets every hiker's heart-beat rising: The Dolomites, the 'Ortler' range and the mountains of Meran offer you with their marked hiking and walking trails and their fixed roupe routes a full range of choices to experience an intact environment.

Here you can find the village 'Hafling' - the name-giver of the 'Haflinger' horse breed. Still today the Haflinger is a characteristic element of this wonderful landscape. There are a lot of opportunities to get to know this strong and well-tempered animals by a ride or by a coach tour through this beautiful country land.