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Ontdek Zuid Tirol
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Ontdek St. Martin in Passeier

In the heart of the Passeiertales The name come original from the Paris church of St. Martin (12th century), from thereout the town developed to what it is now. You can still see the old fresco´s from the old times in the old center of the town, the painterhaus and on the old buildings, and there are special expo´s on the anual Martinimarket (Mortiner Dorffest). Now a day the town is the biggest closed village in the Passeiertal.... Above the Timmelsjochstreet, on an altitude of 2.355 m., is the "life" Freilichtmuseum, it shows the life in the mountain from the past and present and let´s you see the highest mine in Europe, is only accesible by foot. Close to the showroom there is a mintingshop and the Maria Schnee church. And the logtravel with the pit course is a "must see" thing here. There are many holidaydreams that can be realised here: an eldorado with the most sport offers in the Alps. Mountainbikers can go to the edge on one of the many trails and enjoy the nature, not far away you will find one the most beautifull golfclubs of central Europe and many hikingpaths.